Spiritual Mentorship

Viewing our lives, with their many twists and turns, through the lens of our spiritual awakening, helps us to gain clarity and perspective. Often small but significant events of synchronicity or illumination have a deep and lasting effect on our perception and understanding of who we are and why we are here.

There comes a time for many of us to accept that we are going through an accelerated evolution as we move fully into the Age of Aquarius. To embrace this opportunity we are often put under immense pressure to change, to let go of out-dated ways of thinking and being, and to allow the forces of evolution to recalibrate.

Shula has embraced this new perspective for decades and is whole heartedly dedicated to assisting others while navigating this journey, she will meet you where you are with compassion and clarity, insight and a ’down to earth’ approach.

She says, “I am not asking you to unload all of your history, life story and your emotional pain, this can be exhausting, overwhelming and distressing, the relief is often temporary and unsatisfying. I am offering a timeless container where you can softly land and find what is of most importance and significant in your life now. This time with me may well bring emotions and memories to the surface, and though significant, they are not the goal or the end game. They hold clues and insights into what we are holding onto and what is getting in the way of gaining more clarify and peace in our lives”.

For more details on how to make contact and book a free 20 minutes introductory chat with Shula please go to the booking or contact pages.

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