Hello, I’m Shula Roscoe

A very warm welcome to my page on The LionsGate Centre website.

I am an experienced and qualified Hakomi therapy practitioner, a spiritual mentor, meditation guide and workshop facilitator. My astrology book ‘The Flight of the Raven’ by Shula Slonims was published in 90’s. I am a qualified interior designer and an award winning garden designer.

Born in 1960, I am very much a child of the sixties in outlook and attitude.  I moved to Glastonbury in 2020 to bring together my creative visions, life and professional experience and desire to assist others on a deep spiritual level. These have all come together in the creation of The LionsGate Centre.

Throughout my life I have had many unusual and profound experiences that have thrown me back into the life path that I now whole heartedly embrace. My intention is to help people expand their consciousness and support their spiritual awakening.

Qualifications and training:

I have successfully completed an extensive training in the Hakomi method with The Hakomi Institute, based in Boulder, Colorado, USA (1994)

I am a qualified Hakomi practitioner with The Hakomi Education Network (HEN)

Previously trained in meditation instruction with Sahaj Marg and as a ‘Beacon’ for the Net of Light meditation system.

I have a keen interest in and have studied Astrology, which informs my perspective.

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