Hakomi Therapy

The word ‘Hakomi’ is a Hopi Indian word meaning “how do I stand in relation to these many realms” or, more directly, ‘who am I?’

Hakomi is a spiritually based body-centred psychotherapy. It is assisted self-study that is both subtle and powerful.

Hakomi works on many levels both as a talking therapy and a body-centred (somatic) therapy, a deeply relaxing inner experience, allowing the unfolding of what is seeking energetically to occur, honouring your timing and journey of development. We are each ‘a work in progress’.

When safe and appropriate, hands-on techniques can be used.  Through touch we can tap directly into memories and access core material with the intention of releasing long held emotions and often revealing limiting beliefs that have been held in our nervous system from times of stress at any age.

Together we hold the understanding that we all know how to heal, given the right support and environment.

Through developing curiosity, we come to recognise aspects of the self that are not ‘caught up’ in the drama of our lives, and can support the cultivation of a loving presence for those emotional responses that are less able to cope.

For more details on how to make contact and book a free 20 minutes introductory chat with Shula please go to the booking or contact pages.

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