With an emphasis on mindfulness, loving presence, meditation and curiosity, we aim to promote your spiritual, emotional and mental well-being. Set in an environment of abundant connection to Source with visual beauty, creativity and grounded connection to nature…. We hold space for you to unfold into who you truly are.

Welcome to the LionsGate Centre

We are located in the very heart of Glastonbury Town and the land is immersed within the powerful conjunctions of religious and spiritual; pagan and mythological forces and is perfectly positioned to harness healing and awakening energies.

On site there is a beautiful, comfortable indoor group space looking out onto a sunny courtyard which then leads on to a beautiful private walled garden. The garden is a haven for wildlife and has a deep sense of peace even though it is in the centre of this vibrant town.

The LionsGate Centre is offered as a retreat, therapy, meditation and healing centre.

One-to-one therapy – Hakomi and spiritual mentorship

Weekly meditation groups – for beginners through to advanced practitioners

We hope you enjoy exploring our website to see what we have to offer. We look forward to welcoming you and supporting you in creating your future.

“It is not our soul that is on a spiritual journey, our soul already holds all the wisdom and connection to love that we are seeking. It is our mind, body, and emotions that are learning and evolving on a journey. Through deepening our sensitivity and compassion for ourselves we are able to transform our life experience and our relationships.” Shula

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